Where to buy a Fidget Roller in the UK?

We’ve all heard of the fidget spinners. They’re on the playground, in the highstreet, in our homes and even at church, but have you heard of the fidget roller?

Tipped by the Birmingham mail to be bigger than the fidget spinner, the fidget roller is an oblong fidget toy derived from a similar game in Japan Kururin ™

where can i buy a fidget roller

In a similar way to the famous fidget spinner the new toy is said to "effectively test and exercise your creativity and dexterity. It can also help you to sharpen your focus and hand-eye collaboration."

As a beginner, you can place the toy between fingers and the table and roll or flip to the toy over. What this toy has over the fidget spinner is that you can perform a much wider set of tricks, combing several rollers and use with two hands and even play with friends.

As the toy is very new you can only pick up a fidget roller in the UK in these places:


You can pick up a fidget roller from ebay however, the stock is mainly located in China so you’ll have to wait up to a month for your toy to be delivered!


There is a selection on Amazon, however as above, you’ll be paying and waiting for your delivery for a while!


If you’re not looking to wait a month before your item arrives; you can pick up a fidget roller here at FSUK. Our stock is located in the UK and ship all our items within 24 hours of your order on working days by 1st class UK mail. 

Shop for Fidget rollers at FSUK here.


You cannot current buy a fidget roller at Argos!

You can see a video review from GeekBite below.

Find out whether you can buy fidget spinners and fidget cubes at Argos here.

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